Meet the team behind the magic.

We work with some of the most talented creative minds. If your project needs video, animation, design, or strategy, let's discuss how we can leverage my network to bring your vision to life.

But first things first,

who are we?

Claire O'Brien

After 15 years as a forensic expert, Claire hung up her crime scene equipment to write. She has led copywriting teams for Hilton Worldwide Corporate’s internal advertising agency, as well as for external agencies specializing in the real estate and hospitality industries.

In 2020, she founded More Better Words, a boutique copywriting agency that taps into Claire’s global connections. She’s passionate about bringing talent and voices from all over the world to help your business find your stride, your super-fans, and start changing some lives.

Her essay “Dead Weight” recently won Hippocampus’s 2020 Creative Nonfiction contest, an American Society of Journalists and Authors writing award, and is currently nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She lives in Costa Rica with her husband and six rescue dogs.

Alice Barnes-Brown

Alice Barnes-Brown is a copywriter, journalist, and travel addict from England. With bylines in Atlas Obscura, Rachael Ray in Season, and a variety of national newspapers in her home country, she really knows how to make a destination leap off the page (or screen).

She has also written real estate copy for student accommodation company, Core Spaces. Check out her website and portfolio here.

Rikki Ward

Rikki Ward has spent over 20 years using words and photos to help people's light shine. Her clients include Uber, FitBit, Gilead, Hilton, and others.

Her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times and she’s had a blast working with unionized strippers, fine art specialists, Big Tech CEOs, Indian rickshaw drivers, and event planners-to name a few.

She believes that we all have a compelling story to tell and will dig deep to reveal the authentic gold that makes you and your business loved.

América Lainez

América Lainez is an editor, translator, and writer based in San Jose, Costa Rica, who's been obsessed with words since she was three years old. She has contributed to Central American literary Magazines like Revista Abril and Revista Ágrafos and has helped many poets find their voice.

After watching Mad Men, she decided to give copywriting a try, and like Don Draper, she comes up with the best ideas while she's meditating.

María Gabriela Gil

María Gabriela is a social media designer and content creator who helps clients leverage their business by bringing their unique voice into her designs.  Her clients have included authors, small businesses and entrepreneurs, business consultants, law firms, and marketing agencies.

Also, if you're looking for someone to talk about music from the 70s to 90s (an old soul you might say?), romance movies, and true crime documentaries, she's your girl!